Case Study: Daylesford ChillOut festival

In-depth case study

The Daylesford ChillOut festival

Daylesford’s ChillOut is one case study in a project that is examining both the economic and social impacts of rural festivals. Led by Associate Professor Gordon Waitt, a team of researchers was in the Daylesford /Hepburn Springs area during March to explore such impacts of ChillOut.

Economic impact

Festivals are often positioned as a mechanism for the revitalisation of rural economies. However, little is known about how much revenue remains within the local economy. One aim of this project was to estimate how much of visitor expenditure remained within the local economy, by collecting surveys from businesses and from visitors to the towns during the festival weekend. Results of the economic impact study will be used to make give further insight into the economic outcomes of hosting festivals in regional locations.

Social impact

We are interested in examining how festivals impact on living in Daylesford - particularly Chillout. Our investigation will take the form of open ended responses contained in the ChillOut Fillout and a business survey as well as through vox populi interviews on the streets of Daylesford during ChillOut. In depth interviews will be conducted over the course of the fieldwork period with both visitors and residents in order to gain greater insight into the social impacts of the festival.

Last reviewed: 11 March, 2013

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